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  1. Health
  2. Defence
  3. Basic Income
    1. There was a time when industry needed the average worker but those times have long gone. Profit making is largely independent of the workforce. What it’s dependent on is consumers.
    2. People with no job are ineffective consumers unless an alternative source of income is open to them. Means-tested benefits can provide that source of income but leaves the recipient in a poverty trap where earning brings in only a pittance more than the benefit did. For annual earned incomes today between zero and several thousand pounds, the recipient rides a roller coaster of losing or gaining mere pence in the pound while losing more and more hours that were otherwise valuable.
    3. The revised tax system laid out here does away with this injustice. Means testing is abolished, every citizen has a basic income and the choice to either enjoy devoting time to one’s own pursuits, or to earning more money.
    4. A progressive system of personal taxation links the maximum income after tax to a multiple of the basic income. The higher that multiple is, the less society coheres. People will work for earned income when it improves their lifestyle and the work itself provides fulfillment by contributing to society’s needs. See: The Guardian - Ten reasons to support Basic Income
  4. Crime
    1. Civil unrest and insurrection
      1. As has been the case in this country for centuries, the civil authority may demand lawful support whenever needed from the armed forces and treat those units as additional police resources.
      2. The police will be disarmed. There will be no helmet-clad shield wall, no cudgeling of protesters from horseback, no more politicized brutality and no more killing from ambush with effective impunity from prosecution. If the police want an armed response they must request it from a different, accountable, body.
      3. It will be a criminal offence for any police officer to be on duty without a switched-on sealed and archived bodycam and sound recorder accessible by court order, or for any such record to be destroyed.
    2. Criminal Intelligence
  5. Colonial
  6. Education
  7. Transport
    1. rewrite - As a strategic choice to unclog traffic and make for safe biking, private motor vehicles will be banned from all areas designated “city” and central funding of free bus transport will take their place.
    2. Cities conveniently already have boundaries. Towns and rural areas are not, by comparison, clogged.
    3. Bus provision will increase rapidly and dramatically, exceptions will exist for disabled drivers, a lot of new taxi jobs will spring into existence and food deliveries will expand. Taxis and food vans are more efficient and better driven than private cars.
  8. Housing
  9. Suffrage
  10. Migration