Passage into and out of the country

  1. Nobody shall move across our homeland border without reliable identification.
  2. Nobody shall be denied passage unless a lawful arrest is executed.
  3. Any foreign national or stateless person seeking to enter the homeland who has no right of entry by virtue of treaty obligation, and no valid visa, and who is not making a valid application for asylum, shall be lawfully arrested and refused entry and returned by the carrier he rode in on, the remainder being told when or under what circumstances, if any, they must leave.
  4. Those who subsequently overstay or meet the relevant circumstances shall immediately  be lawfully arrested and expelled in order that nobody within the homeland borders, citizen or non-citizen, will lack the legal right to be so.
  5. Nobody within the homeland will be refused NHS treatment, because to refuse anyone at need – citizen or visitor – would be a national disgrace.
  6. Asylum seekers shall be expeditiously handled and, at need, be provided for during the asylum process.