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  1. The UK has a loaded history with regard to colonies, which political parties in the UK have scarcely begun to address much less come to terms with. It is an urgent matter which will be a priority consideration for all departments of state under every Common People government. We welcome proposals on how to act in this regard.
  2. We hope to continue our existing relationship with the Commonwealth on a basis of mutual support.
  3. We recognize that the long term survival of British society is entirely dependent on the establishment of self-sustaining permanent settlements beyond the solar system, each tasked to expand into the galaxy at large. Such settlements will invariably be independent, sovereign and self-governing. None will ever be established in any environment where multicellular life or its local equivalent already exists. We propose that each settlement will be offered Commonwealth status at their foundation.
  4. Each new foundation is strongly encouraged to establish further new settlement on the same basis into the galaxy at large.
  5. Until such settlements are established we recognize our obligation to sustain as great a genomic diversity across all terrestrial species as can be managed.
  6. Evolutionary diversity is our legacy to our descendants, together with our culture. We shall fund both areas adequately so that British culture continues to develop and flourish, genomic diversity is protected and proliferating settlements are planted among the stars in a timely manner.