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Donations to The Common People are only accepted from citizens of the UK. All donors are listed on this page.

To date, no money has ever been donated to The Common People. All expenses have come out of the leader's loose change. These include:

£25 a year registration with the Electoral Commission.
£30 a year registration with the Data Commission.
£8 a year website registration. The hosting is piggybacked onto an existing host account at no extra charge.
£500 running expense for the 2019 General Election.
£445.33 so far set aside for printing and distribution costs at the forthcoming 2024 General Election.

And that, I think, is a fair summary: £3.50 a week, or a coffee and donut at McDonald's but healthier. Anyone wishing to chip in should note their name will appear below, but it would accelerate the spread of the party into more constituencies.

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The Common People
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