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  1. Food security in the UK is non-existent. We are committed to helping the country transition to be food-secure for all citizens.
  2. We cannot rely on imports.
  3. We cannot rely on the weather, or that climate change will be beneficial to our current farming regime.
  4. We will support the development and roll-out of algae foodstock production on a scale capable of feeding the country. Factories take in carbon dioxide, light and mineral supplements, they output oxygen and single-celled organic matter. The single-celled organic matter can be tailored into simulations of all the current foods sold to the public. These simulated foods will be equally nutritious and enjoyable, but will cost significantly less than farm produce.
  5. We intend that all modern land farming with multicellular domesticated plants and animals be relegated to a hobbyist pursuit, that it should happen on a vastly reduced scale catering for "organically grown" wealthy holdouts, that the freed land be re-wilded and that wildlife throughout the country be better protected from prejudicial human contact. We have no view on who should own the land but we are determined that they should be out-priced on all food, so that the majority may choose to adopt the new products as ethically preferable and noticeably cheaper at the till.
  6. For the sake of clarity, "prejudicial human contact" means being killed by humans.