Sustainable Development Goal 11

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  1. Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
    1. Our manifesto commitments provide a coherent framework to implement Goal 11.
  2. Housing
    1. We have selected 200 towns for underground expansion. Our target is that this should double their population without expanding the developed area.
  3. Environment
    1. Our environmental objective is that underground construction should double the population capacity of these towns without expanding the developed area.
  4. Recreation
    1. A park belt will be constructed around each town's surface outskirts.
  5. Transport
    1. Public transport will operate both underground and on the town's existing roads. Private transport will be banned from entering the town boundary.
    2. Longer range rail transport will link the towns and interface with the existing rail system, running underground unless geology makes that impossible. This new underground extension to the national rail system is at the core of our public transport policy.