What influences your choice?

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  1. The UK has a large range of newspapers, TV channels and their associated websites. Their political content can be categorized as news, investigation, editorial, commentary, and opinion. The news and investigation are often high quality, wide-ranging and trustworthy. The editorial, commentary and opinion columns are often vile, irrelevant, smug and prejudiced, to the detriment of journalistic integrity.
  2. The slant carried by each of these editorial, commentary and opinion columns is at the whim of the owner of the newspaper, TV channel or associated website, exercised by the owner's appointed editor. There is invariably a slant. The point of carrying editorial, commentary and opinion columns is to sway the judgement of the consumer. Guido Fawkes might be a good example.
  3. Given that it is possible for consumers to digest the news and come to their own informed opinion, why would they swallow the proffered editorial and commentary opinions shown or printed alongside the news content? More particularly, why would they trust the good faith of the authors of those columns? The authors have been bought and paid for, the opinions are in line with editorial demands, and why would you trust the owner or manager? The people who own these outlets are anything but trustworthy, they are the antithesis of trustworthy. The last person whose well-being the owner seeks is you, the consumer.
  4. The whole of this website and the party it represents is opinion, none of it is news. Nobody should go away from here thinking they have been informed, enlightened or even represented. We offer the website as a basis for discussion. We don't want anyone to vote for any of our candidates just because we have been endorsed by a media outlet. We will be affronted if any media outlet presumes to declare their endorsement.
  5. We invite the electorate in this country to vote in support of the policies we outline here after discussing them, reforming them and coming to a balanced choice. The only trust we seek is that we will in fact implement our manifesto commitments once we form a majority government in Westminster. It's up to the electorate to decide when and whether it wants these manifesto commitments acted upon. If your name is on the electoral list, that's you.